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Welcome to Dollar Crafts Joy! We are a site created by craft enthusiasts and those who love being creative and who’d love to share their creations to the world. If you’re looking for something or exploring for a new project then you’ve come to the right place!

Our Goal
Our goal at Dollar Craft Joy is to be able unite the arts and crafts project into a huge hodge-podge of everything nice, easy and informative blog. The best resource to find real one-of-a-kind project joyfully made from the heart.

DIY Dollar Tree Treasure

Our Group
We are a diverse group of people mainly thousands of crafts enthusiasts from our Facebook Community and other social media or people all over the world that stumble upon our page who would also love to contribute their awesome projects.

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If you have a specific crafting project or would like to submit your creation on our page to get published, you may also share it with the world by sending us a message!